Arab Comics Publishing is an Emirati company specialized in story telling through comics, novels, and animation. Arab Comics Publishing emphasizes on Arabic values and heritages through their work.

Arab Comics Publishing’s 2D Animated Explainer Video is a collaboration between Cartoon Planet and Arab Comics. The 2D Animated Explainer Video explains Arab Comics Publishing services, introduce the founder of Arab Comics, Rashid Alrahmani, the video also showcased Arab Comic’s heroes and villains.

Arab Comics and Cartoon Planet worked side beside to come up with the results. First, the two teams come up with storyboard to the whole video, followed by creating the character of Rashid Alrahmani. The second step was animating the characters and creating motion graphics to the video. Finally, adding the voice over and sound effects.

Collaboration with: Arab Comics Publishing

Project type: 2D Animated Explainer Video