A new way to approach inter-generational work environments is explored in this book written by professional business strategist Amal Ishaq Kooheji.

The book offers coaching as a solution to any issues which might arise between employees of different ages, shedding light on most important challenges coaching can solve.

Particularly, Coaching is the Answer focuses on how millennials and generation Z interact, collaborate, and cooperate at work.

Cartoon Planet has converted the book’s ideas into intuitive info-graphics, making its complex subjects easier to understand.

We have chosen a color scheme that is minimal enough to not be too distracting, but varied enough to be engaging.

Meanwhile, the typography on the cover helps make the book more approachable to readers from the get-go, with clear and friendly letters and patterns.

What makes the book different is that it is tailored to local experiences in the Gulf region, all while referencing international studies and learning from research.

Our diagrams help make this research easier to understand, and allows readers to really digest the subject matter.

Amal speaks from experience in Coaching is the Answer as she is the owner of Human Capital Development Advisory, a management consulting firm. She offers invaluable insight as the former chief operating officer of Tamkeen.

The book is available for purchase now at Jashanmal bookstores.

Client: Amal Ishaq Kooheji

Service: Typesetting, Book layout, Book Cover