Invo POS is Bahraini company specialized in making POS (point of sale) software, POS is the time and the place when and where the customers make check out online or physically in the store.

Invo POS provides their POS system devices and software to restaurants, cafes, bakeries, and even food trucks. The company products can be found in the GCC, Iraq and Canada.

Invo POS’ 2D Animated Explainer Video covers all the services and showcase the devices Invo POS can offer. The 2D Animated Explainer Video has two versions, one in English and the other in Arabic.

Cartoon Planet designed the 2D Animated Explainer Video in an attractive way by using vibrant colors to grab the viewer’s attention. The points were explained in the video by voice over, text, and visuals.

Client: Invo POS

Service: 2D Animated Explainer Video