• Mohamed Isa is a renowned public speaker, coach and productivity expert. His book, Chai Karak: A Customer Service Story is about his experience in customer service, written in a style that is simple but insightful to anyone seeking business advice.The book is a collection of anecdotes about sales and marketing, with Chai Karak as a stand-in for whatever the reader is trying to market. Isa reached out to Cartoon Planet to overhaul the third edition of his book by adding illustrations and exercises for the reader. We have created a cartoon version of Isa and designed several characters to help enhance the case studies provided by the author. Isa’s interactive method of coaching ultimately serves to give the reader a better understanding of how to run a business and deal with their customers, and he achieves it by his hands-on approach.

    Client: Mohamed Isa
    Service: Illustrations, Graphic Design, Book Layout.
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