Hi 👋, we are Cartoon Planet, a visual design and 2D animation studio.

Cartoon Planet is a Bahraini advertising and promotion company that specializes in 2D animation, graphic design, and digital art, and also offers creative workshops.

Launched as a start-up in 2020, the independent design studio offers standout advertising options to companies or institutions looking for a unique way to get their message across.

With a team of professional and experienced Bahraini visual artists, animators, and graphic designers, we enrich our clients’ media presence by providing services that are exciting, special and attention-grabbing.

The company’s initial idea and logo were conceived by founder Mohamed Almahdi, who was since gathered a cadre of talented Bahrainis to expand Cartoon Planet’s range and capabilities.

Our production headquarters are located in Al Janabiya, where we host events and offer digital and graphic design workshops.

We are always brainstorming new and innovative ways to apply 2D animation and digital illustration for advertising and promotional purposes.

At our planet, we value fun and...



Our mission is to serve the demand for artistic media production and marketing services in the region. We enrich our clients’ marketing strategies by creating things that are exciting, special and attention-grabbing.



In the work we create for our clients, we most value timeliness, reliability and quality. Our clients trust us to come through in delivering the commissioned work in the agreed-upon timeframe, where our final product often exceeds their expectations.



We often take the seed of a client’s idea and grow it from scratch into a completely original piece. For example, when clients commission 2D animation ads, we go all out by giving the contents of the video their own unique character design, dialogue and humor.

On several occasions, clients have come to us with no idea of what they want, but that they have a goal in mind. We help them realize their vision.

Our animated ads are a one-of-a-kind method of promotion. All stages of the animation and brainstorming process are carried out in-house by our multi-skilled team. We start out with discussing with the client the intended goals behind the ad, and what they hope to achieve through it.

After coming up with a concept, we write storyboards, design characters and turn a cloud of scattered ideas into a solid, tangible product, we then go on to digitally animate the assets put together a brilliant piece of promotional material along with voice acting, music and sound design.



Out high-quality productions can only be made through the collaboration of our team members, who combine their varied expertise and know-how to create a final product worthy of our clients.


Since its launch, Cartoon Planet has regularly held community-oriented events, cooperating with charities and non-profit organizations in its mission to make digital art accessible to more people.


As a local design studio, we have a duty to help cultivate a local workforce skilled in working with digital media. We do that through offering internships and learning opportunities to aspiring designers, along with giving workshops to both old and young.

The full story...

Cartoon Planet was born in a dingy Manama building in 2014, beginning from scratch and with few resources, but with a lot of hard-work and guts we were able to thrive. The company’s initial idea and logo were conceived by founder Mohamed Almahdi in 2011, inspired by Sri Lanka’s lush nature and fresh air during an exchange trip.


Our Team

Cartoon Planet is a team of Professional Bahraini Artists, Animators, and Graphic Designers. The team can form ideas into reality in a creatively and visually pleasing way to the viewer.


Mohammed Almahdi

Founder, Creative Director


Amin Soofi

Co-founder, 2D Animator


Zainab Abdulmohsen

Art developer


Fatema Abduljalil

Digital Artist

Our Partners


Our Clients

Our unique offerings, like 2D animated ads, make it easy for our clients to be recognized and catch the attention of potential customers in today’s fast-paced media environment.

Over 100 local and international clients from Bahrain and the GCC have been satisfied with our work and have come back for more.

We have done work for government bodies, ministries, large international chains, corporate firms, up-and-coming businesses and more.


The future of Cartoon Planet

To be the number one Advertising and Promotion Company in the region. To expand and reach global audiences at an International level.

Cartoon Planet x Galaxycorp

Stay tuned for the collaboration between Cartoon Planet Bahrain and Galaxy Corporation. The South Korean company's representative SUNG HAE CHO and I met at Ithra to deliver an Arabian localized #Metaverse experience.