Live Caricature

Live caricature is a show by itself in an event to entertain the guests. The guest can enjoy the experience of the show.

Live Caricature is away to give guests the joy of seeing their personalized caricature illustration to be drawn live in front, hold it in their hand, and take it with them home to ever memorize the event.

Cartoon Planet’s artists are always obliged to participate in any event and put their creative artistic skills to give the guest the best experience and the caricature illustration.

Live caricature services:

  • Live caricature at companies
  • Live caricature during Ramadan
  • More than one artist
  • Several days and hours

McDonald’s – Live Caricature

Ziddy – Live Caricature

Batelco – Live Caricature

Aramco – Live Caricature

BNET – Live Caricature

Ya Salam! – Live Caricature