Qasayed Halwa

Qasayed Halwa is a Halwa specialist business in the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi. They bring back the gold and old days with a good time eating delicious Halwa. 

Cartoon Planet has boosted their awareness level with well crafted artwork that showcases their products and speciality, what they do, and how good they do it. From full catering,  to giveaways. Being with their client in each and every special occasion that needs Halwa!




Social Media Managment

While Qasayed Halwa was focusing on their client, Cartoon Planet was focusing on their quality of content and relationship with Qasayed Halwa as well. 

Cartoon Planet creativity is input directly into Qasayed Halwa’s social media account posts and management. In charge of their Instagram’s posts and scheduling, and handling and updating story highlights. 

Cartoon Planet has made it visually clear to Qasayed Halwa customers what they are all about: quality products, workmanship, and good customer service.