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Creative Workshops

Creative Workshops are titled “Creative” because they focus on giving the freedom for creativity to flourish.

Creative Workshops allow the participants the opportunity to share their new ideas openly while improving their skills.

Cartoon Planet’s Creative Workshops are fun and interactive. The participants receive the proper training while receiving feedback and instructions.

Creative Workshops Services:

  • Digital Art Workshops
  • Cartooning and Sketching Workshops
  • 2D Animation Workshops
  • Graphic Design Workshops
  • Drawing Workshops for Kids

Bahrain Summer Festival – Workshops

Drawing Workshops for Kids – Workshops

Muharraq Youth Model Center – Workshops

Ministry of Youth and Sport Affairs – Workshops

Ithraa – Workshops

Bahrain Authority of Culture and Aniquities – Workshops

Sajaya Young Ladies of Sharjah – Workshops

Riyadh International Book Fair – Workshops