Chai Karak

Chai Karak: A Customer Service Story is a collection of anecdotes about sales and marketing, with chai karak as a stand-in for whatever the reader is trying to market.

It was written by public speaker and coach Mohamed Isa, and received many positive reviews from other authors in the self-development and coaching genre. 

Cartoon Planet designed and illustrated the newest version of the book after Isa reached out to us for an overhaul of its third edition.

To enhance the impact of the case studies provided by the author, we created a cartoon version of Isa and designed several characters to represent the points he is making.

We also added exercises for the reader to use, including questions they can answer after finishing he book in order to figure out their marketing goals and formulate a strategy that works well for their business.

In Bahrain, Chai Karak is sold in Jashanmal Bookstores and Jarir, alongside at least 6 other of Isa’s book that were also designed by Cartoon Planet.

About the book

Isa uses his experience in customer service to give a series of lessons about effective marketing in 22 chapters, written in a simplified form that could offer insight to anyone seeking business advice.

In the book, he talks about his experience with entrepreneurship, and imparts to the reader the things he learned through trial-and-error throughout the years.

Isa’s interactive and hands-on method of coaching ultimately aims to give the reader a better understanding of how to run a business and deal with customers.

Beside Chai Karak: A Customer Service Story, Isa has authored many books about productivity and how to build a successful business.

According to Isa, the book was ‘inspired by appalling customer service from a bank’ and ‘is a mine of great information for bosses on how not to do customer service.’

Interestingly, ‘chai karak’ itself is an acronym, every letter of which corresponds to a keyword that the Bahraini author believes is essential to run an excellent customer service operation.

He has an upcoming follow-up, Karak Xpress: 247 Insights on Customer Service, which is a research-based publication with further seas insights.