This animated skit was created for PayLink, a Saudi Arabian online payment gateway, and aims to be both informative and attention-grabbing.

PayLink's features and services are explained to the viewer in a question-and-answer format, wherein different characters ask a representative of the company about the platform.

To potential customers, this is an unexpected and novel way to advertise something as serious and dry as a payment service gateway, and delivers the service's selling points in a memorable way.

In-video characters inquire about things that PayLink customers frequently wonder about, and each question is answered by the rep, accompanied with dynamic visualizations and animated infographics.

The characters speak in different Arabic accents and possess different mannerisms, demonstrating to the ad viewer the wide range and application of PayLink’s services.

All of this humorous dialogue, with its different voices and perspectives, was written in-house at Cartoon Planet.

Basically, the explainer ad is an animated version of a frequently asked questions (FAQ) page which is commonly found on commercial websites.

A busy-looking businessman asks whether accounts take a long time to open, which is answered by the animated rep to highlight PayLink’s fast account-opening process.

Then, a businesswoman wonders if employees of her company can use the website while private financial information is not revealed to them, and the rep answers that users can be assigned different privileges and have varying access levels depending on their roles.

An auditor asks if the site allows transactions to be compared to those on bank statements, and of course, the answer is yes.

Finally, a man who seems like he loves when things are convenient asks if all payment options are presented on the same webpage, and viewers then can see an example of the simple-to-use checkout page.

The video ends with a jingle and the short but effective slogan ‘PayLink makes a difference.’

Cartoon Planet was able to convey all of these crucial details in only 50 seconds, without bombarding the receiver with a stream of information, or coming off as overwhelming.


Not only does the video show that PayLink is convenient to use, it also showed a visual of all the compatible payment services like, including international ones like Visa, Mastercard, and Apple Pay, and local ones like STC Pay, Mada and more. 

The platform has features that cater to well-established corporations to medium-sized companies to start-ups, freelancers and self-employed people.

It also produces invoices compatible with Saudi Arabia’s General Authority of Zakat and Tax.