AC Comics

This animated explainer video introduces Emirati manga and graphic novel publisher AC Comics, or Arab Comics Publishing.

It features AC Comics’ founder Rashid Alrahmani along with various heroes and villains from his comic series Sharar’s World.

Dialogue between Alrahmani and the characters summarizes what AC Comics is all about while giving readers a taste of the stories created by him and his team.

AC Comics’s stories belong to the genres of sci-fi, action, adventure, comedy, drama, horror and mystery.

Cartoon Planet and AC Comics collaborated to create this video, coming together to work on the storyboard, motion graphics, voice acting and sound effects.

In the Sharar’s World, the futuristic, time travelling hero and his friends embark on a mission to stop an evil entity from spreading across space and time and annihilating life as we know it.

It is set to have multiple spin-offs, and an extended universe dedicated to different characters, animated cartoons, and more. Read more about Sharar’s World in an Arab News Japan article here.