Cartoon Planet created this 2D animated video for Saudi consultancy Professional Business Solutions (PBS) to commemorate the 93rd anniversary of the nation’s founding. 

Matching the color scheme of the official visual identity of Saudi Arabia’s National Day 2023, the ad starts off with an old-timey map of Saudi Arabia, with a small ship traveling from one corner of the country to another.

The video comes in two parts – ‘Our past’ and ‘Our present and future.’

In the first part, the tiny ship traverses different provinces and regions of the peninsula, stopping at a number of notable historical and UNESCO World Heritage Sites to briefly feature them.

Beautiful 2D illustrations of sites including the Holy Kaaba, Diriyah Town, Sahood Fort, the Pilgrims’ Station and Amara Palace were created by Cartoon Planet solely to be used in this short video.

The brilliant shots of the sites give justice to their magnificence and add an other-worldly feel to the promotional animation.

The second part features important contemporary landmarks and several proposed on under-construction megaprojects, representing Saudi Arabia’s present and future.

Increasingly futuristic illustrations of the planned King Abdullah Economic City, Al Ula Project, Qiddiya Project, Neom Project and the Line are featured in this section.


The ad’s journey through the Arabian peninsula reflects PBS’s close association with Saudi’s future, as the professional consulting partner for major government organizations and sectors.

PBS provides consulting and management services, project management, knowledge development and innovation, and can offer its expertise in international relations and strategic consulting for small and medium enterprises.


We have made it so the ad and its visuals loosely match the color scheme and of the official visual identity of Saudi Arabia’s 2023 national day, under the theme ‘We Dream and Achieve.’

The theme ‘We Dream and Achieve’ aims to portray Saudi ambitious goals to bring its major projects to life.

According to an official statement, the logo ‘resembles a dreamer's brush, skillfully sketching the borders of Saudi Arabia, symbolizing determination and persistence in embracing the dream.’