Sarnd Serves as a dynamic ally for entities in Saudi Arabia, aligning with Vision 2030 by fostering influential connections across different sectors. Sarnd facilitates the connection between local entities and their committed clients, ensuring the delivery of top-notch services with the highest standards.

Cartoon Planet is behind Sarnd creative outlook and visual brand. Cartoon Planet's unique approach in illustrations and design, Sarnd has been able to stand out and empower partnerships.


Our Work

Cartoon Planet has developed Sarnd visual identity and stationary in a unique, out of this earth creative style. This has inspired the website developers to further link Sarnd with space videos and images in the website. 

The identity of Sarnd is symbolize the link between partnerships in their identity and visual logo itself. With their mission of empowering productive communication between institutions, with a complete focus on understanding the needs and goals of each party. To transform your needs to your biggest achievements.