Seen Cafe & Fluer

Seen Cafe creates a uniquely warm and inviting atmosphere with an edge of unique colors, its walls are always bustling with the sound of laughter and chatter. 

Seen Cafe is a place where stories were shared, connections were made, and memories were created.And so, it stood as a beloved gathering spot for the community.

Cartoon Planet has been a part of Seen Cafe creative angle, providing creatives that match the vibrance and emotions of the cafe into masterpieces of artworks for their socials and digitals. 


Our Work

Cartoon Planet has been handling Seen Cafe social media, specifically their presence on Instagram. Developing high quality creatives, with creative inputs on direction. Developing Seen Cafe branding guidelines and creating their patterns, and menu. Boosting the quality of motion graphics by adding characters.


Social Media Managment

 Cartoon Planet managed Seen Cafe’s instagram, providing a high quality service of creating, scheduling and publishing of posts and stories, as well as managing the story highlights and monitoring account’s engagement levels and analytics. Providing a fulfilling brief at the end of every month to showcase the latest accomplishments.


Motion Graphics

The art of animating graphic design is a unique service which can be found in Cartoon Planet. Successfully creating an eye-catching style of graphics with its simplicity yet complex in delivering a unique promotion for Seen Cafe.

Cartoon Planet has been honored to oversee Seen cafe creative growth by adding characters into the playing field, the characters play a part in representing Seen Cafe in the motion graphics and animation videos by adding the ‘human’ element needed. 

Enjoy below still clips of the motion graphics video.