The Sunken World – NFT Art

An NFT (non-fungible token) project set in an dystopian future of the Earth, in which mankind has wrought the apocalypse upon itself and the environment.

This project is not your usual NFT project - it is based on lore and detailed world-building and character creation.

In this dying world people are struggling to find clean water, breathable air and bare necessities for survival.

Since the air is so toxic, the residents of this hellish landscape find themselves forced to constantly wear masks to filter out the particulates in the atmosphere that will ill them.

The masks, which are designed to look like the beaks of different beaked animals, also serve to distinguish each faction of this chaotic world from one another. The beaks 

‘The Sunken World’ and all of its characters were created by Cartoon Planet, along with the collectible NFT images.


More on the story

In the year 2099, the world has fallen. Sea level has finally covered most of earth’s land. New Jersey, Fort Lauderdale, San Diego, LA, and New York City have been submerged in water. The world has sunk.

The land has sunk, the sea has raised. Coastal viruses spread in the air of The Sunken World forcing survivors to wear a mask and an Oxygen concentrator.  

Divided into seven main territories, the community of each territory wear a distinguishing beak mask to display loyalty. To them, birds are symbols of survival, either being high from the ground or adapting with the water. 

The Sunken World is musty, dark, and difficult to survive. It’s either you kill or get killed. The killers wreak havoc on the States’ major cities. The killing made women almost extinct, threatening the existence of the human race.

The human instinct to reproduce; encourage survivors who are eager to beget children of their own to submit their sperms to Eve’s Factory – a factory which generates babies through artificial insemination. –

Shah The Highlander

Killers in The Sunken World are two kinds. The ones who enjoyed the killing, and ones who killed for the sake of survival. The Highlander is one of the men who killed to survive, not to murder. If it was his choice, he would rather yield a new life. Seeing the advertisements of Eve’s Factory, he submitted his sperms for insemination.

Shah was born in Highland, the rich part of The Sunken World. Highland has survived sinking due its elevated altitude above sea level. The landlocked area is full of gas, they export it to the other territories of the post-apocalyptic world.
The Highlander makes a living from delivering high value packages and items through The Sunken World. 

Present Day – Jewstan 

Shah is on his way to deliver Miyawa –alcoholic sea syrup bottled in vodka bottles– to Jewstan. He receives a message on his wrist computer: Congratulations! Your embryo’s brain has fully grown. The message makes his day. He arrives to the central market of Jewstan, the biggest marketplace in the Sunken World. 

The Highlander handles the Miyawa package to the puffin-beaked wholesaler of Jewstan. Gets paid in JSD (Jewstan Dollar) –the most powerful currency in The Sunken World–. He starts his motorcycle heading to Eve’s factory to check up on his baby-to-be embryo. 

No Man’s Land

Located in northern No Man’s Land –the most dangerous part of the Sunken World–, Eve’s Factory is almost 4-hours away from Shah’s current location. Only one check up point on his way, the crossing point between Jewstan and No Man’s Land. The checkpoint between the two areas is not secure, No Man’s Land is controlled by lowlife gangsters. The gangsters don’t have rules, they follow their desire to plunder and kill. Wearing the expensive falcon beak mask, The Highlander is at risk of being mobbed. 

Shah arrives at the checkpoint. The shoebill beaked gangsters notice the golden falcon beak. Their leader reaches Shah and touches the perfectly made beak by his filthy hands. The Highlander doesn’t like his beak to be touched. He pushes the leader away. The gangsters fire at him, he fires back. Killing a punch of them and fleas away. 

No Man’s Land has crossed two points with Jewstan and Sarfield. The border with Highland is permanently closed due to a long war between the two communities on water supplies. The Highlander needs to travel to Sarfeild if he wants to see his growing baby. 


The Highlander finally arrives at the crossing point of Sarfeild. He crosses the border tranquilly. He almost arrives at the crossing point between Sarfeild and No Man’s Land. Toucan beaked men get in his way, their leader talks gently: “Shah. The emir of Sarfeild requests to meet you. He has an important delivery he wants to transport to Platypus Island''. Shah replies: “sorry I can’t. I am on the way to visit my growing embryo”. The Sarfeilder insists: “the mission will only take two days. The emir is willing to pay a fortune for the job. The delivery means a lot to him”. The highlander agrees. 

Shah meets the emir. A colorful toucan bearded old man sitting on his shrine. A young girl sits next to him. Women are rare in this world, seeing a girl in The Sunken World doesn’t happen every day. The toucan emir points at the girl: “Shah. I want you to transport my daughter safely to Platypus Island”. Shah replies: “why do you want to transport your daughter to a place like this?”. Emir replies: “she suffers from a rare type of cancer. A doctor in Platypus Island can cure her using local sea serum. The Highlander gets paid and escorts Tuca to the motorcycle heading to Platypus Island. 

The dangerous journey goes through two crossing points. The Sarfeild-Dwel City border, and Dwel City- Platypus Island water border. Tuca, being a woman; is under risk to be abducted by the bandits of Dwel City. Shah covers her with a black veil and turban. They reach the checkpoint. Pass through peacefully. A billboard says: “Welcome to Dwel City”.

Dwel City

The falcon beaked Highlander and Princess Tuca are on the way to Platypus Island. Dwel City is a windy desert land surrounded by clustered tall cone-shaped rock formations. The first-generation survivors of the territory dwelled caves to escape the water. The Dwellers of the present generation adapted with the water and came out to the ground to trade with other territories. 

It is a windy day. Shah and Tuca stop in a fuel station in the middle of Dwel City to fill up his motorcycle’s tank. The sandgrouse beaked men of the city are everywhere. A heavy wind blows up revealing Tucas leg. A female is surrounded by males who haven’t encountered a girl in ages. Tuca is now an easy target for the savages. The highlander must protect his precious delivery. He calmly pumps a 3 meters gas circle around his motorcycle. He lights it up. Fire holds off the crowd. Shah and Tuca are hidden by the flames. He took the chance and quickly fled away from the scene. 

Tuca is safe, but Platypus Island is in the opposite direction. The news of a young toucan female and a Highlander wearing a valuable falcon beak spread around Dwel City. Shah must find another way to the island. He looks at his wrist computer. Dwel City-Highland border is only 35 minutes away. He must go home for a break. He crosses his homeland’s border. Arrives home safely with Tuca. 


Tuca and Shah are alone for the night. Candles are lit. Tuca takes off her black veil. Opens her black long hair. Shah has not seen a female in almost fifteen years when her grandmother passed away. It is a lifetime chance for him to make love with a young female and raise a family. His wrist computer bleeps: “Your embryo visit is scheduled for Tuesday at 10:00 am.”. He blows off the candles, closes his eyes and sleeps. 

The Highlander still has a mission on to transport Tuca for treatment and Platypus Island. He can’t go back to Dwel City. He calls Flamarzi; his childhood friend asking for help. Falmarzi’s used to import fish from The Covered, where a daily trading ship takes off to Platypus Island. Th motorcycle requires maintenance. Shah doesn’t have the time to fix it. Shah, Tuca and Flamarzi heads on a camel’s back to The Covered.

The Covered

The Highlander, the princess and the trader arrive at The Covered. The Covered is covered by tree houses and tall trees. The people of The Covered survived the water by climbing high trees. Throughout time they have built a civilization high from the ground and protected by the trees. The Coverdanians wear vulture beaked masks resembling their high-altitude culture. 

Flamarzi’s camel can’t make it through The Covered. He calls a friend to arrange a flight directly to the main port of The Covered. The pilot arrives. Shah and Tuca depart to the port. Only the three of them are in the mini plane. The pilot smells a distinctive scent from the princess. The princess is covered by an unusually long veil. Her shape is not a man’s shape. The pilot grows suspicious. Shah is tired. He fell asleep. It’s the pilot’s chance to see the attractive female under the veil. He approaches Tuca. She is irresistible. He forcibly takes off her veil. Puts his hand under her chin. His lips are close to her lips. Suddenly, Shah’s wrist computer beeps: “Reminder: your embryo visit is scheduled for tomorrow at 10:00 am.”. The Highlander wakes up. Takes off his combat knife from its scabbard. Cuts the molester’s throat. 

The pilot is dead, the plane is flying. Shah is not a good pilot. Tuca sits on the pilot’s seat: “my dad taught me how to fly a plane in case of emergency”. She follows the map to the port. They safely land at the port. The princess leaves his veil away. Shah insists she wears the veil: “it’s dangerous out there!”. She replies: “give me a gun. I can take care of myself”. Tuca and Shah get off the plane.

The imposing appearance of the toucan beaked woman with a big gun and the falcon beaked Highlander with a sharp crossbow made the Coverdanians respect the couple. They reached the ship. Tuca takes initiative and talks to the ship’s officer: “We are Flamarzi’s friends' '. The officer’s replies: “you are welcome to the ship”. 

Platypus Island

The couple finally arrives at Platypus Island. Shah’s wrist computer beeps. He thought it’s an update about his to-be baby. He looks at his wrist computer: “Breaking News. Highland Declares War on No Man’s Land.”. The Highlander must deliver Tuca as soon as he can to make it on time at the Eve’s Factory to protect his growing baby.

Inspired by the semi-aquatic egg-laying mammal; the Platypunese wear platypus beaked masks. They survived the apocalypse by simply adapting with the water, just like the Tasmanian creature. The Platypunese hide their valuables, weapons, and medicine deep in the sea

Tuca and Shah ask for directions to Dr. Edrabo, the deft doctor who could cure the princess. They arrive at Dr. Edrabo’s infirmary. Shah drops off Tuca: “I must leave now. I must protect my baby”. Dr. Edrabo interrupts: “the treatment requires a serum. You can get it at the Coral Reefs black market under the sea. Shah replies: “sorry. I must go to No Man’s Land to protect my baby”. Tuca in a confident tone: “you can’t leave a dying young female without treatment.”. Shah replies: “my job is to transport you here. I need to go”. Tuca replies: “do you know that natural breastfeeding makes a baby 10 times stronger?”. Shah sighs. He heads to the Coral Reefs black market.

From the western coast of Platypus Island, Shah takes a submarine taxi to the Coral Reefs black market. The Highlander takes the opportunity and upgrades his crossbow by a well-known blacksmith. He sharpened his falcon beak. Bought a new gun and headed to the pharmacy. Bought Tuca’s serum. He reads a sign at the pharmacy: “we deliver''. He gives them Dr. Edrabo’s address. He takes a submarine taxi to Sarfeild. 

On the way to Sarfeild, his wrist computer beeps: “Highland Bombs Eve’s Factory Leaving Behind Incomplete Artificial Insemination.”.  The wrist computer beeps again: “Highland Militia Sabotage and Loot Incubated Embryos from Eve’s Factory”. The computer beeps repeatedly. Shah is in shock. A new message is received, this time from Eve’s Factory: “We apologize to inform you that your embryo has been kidnapped. The factory is under attack.”. The Highlander is stunned. His baby is taken. 

The Lost Embryo 

Killers in The Sunken World are two kinds. The ones who enjoyed the killing, and ones who killed for the sake of survival. Shah must find his growing embryo. The kidnappers might be the first kind of killers. Or worst, the kind who survive using other human’s organs. A growing embryo is a perfect pursuit for them. Shah is in search of his offspring. Would he find his child in this merciless world?