Digital Art

Digital art term refers to the art made using computer software. Digital art offers more possibilities unlike its predecessor traditional art; digital art is more dynamic and can be easily edited and changed to adapt to any form of media.

Character design is form of digital art, character design is full creation of a character visual appearance, behavior, and personality. Character design is used in animation frequently, characters are what give 2d animated videos life and give the audience memorable experience.

Cartoon Planet can design amazing characters that can reflect messages through their visual language and colors.

Digital art services:

  • Custom character design
  • Updating existing characters
  • Personalized illustrations
  • NFT art

Shiro – Character Design

The Sunken World – NFT Art

Dentist Aradi – Character Design

Ma’an – Character Design

Cartoon Planet Universe – Character Design

Green Beets – Graphic Advert

Ministry of Interior – Anti Corona – Character Design

Chai Karak Book – Character Design

Captain Burger and Others – Character Design

Haji Yaqoub – Character Design