Mandi Man

Mandi Man is a small but growing chain of highly-rated Yemeni restaurants located in the UAE, specialized in serving varieties of mandi.

Cartoon Planet is behind all of the restaurant’s media, including 2D-animated ads, social media posts and brand identity.

Thanks to our comedic, dialogue-based animations and cartoony illustrations, the contemporary Yemeni kitchen has been able to stand out in a sea of mandi restaurants.


Our work

We manage Mandi Man’s Instagram page, author all of its content, and post Instagram stories and highlights. Our designs have also been used on the menu, exterior signage, interiors, packaging and more.

As we have been creating all of Mandi Man’s posts since its launch, our ads have helped the restaurant become a high-traffic food joint, and expand to become the chain it is today.

The superhero-themed restaurant has two branches in Dubai, with a third to open soon in Abu Dhabi, and has received thousands of raving reviews from UAE locals and tourists alike.


The restaurant’s mascot, created by Cartoon Planet, is a gallant superhero who answers the call of all those craving mandi, vigilantly keeping watch atop the skyscrapers of the Arabian metropolis.

Mandi Man is accompanied by a cast of characters and unique objects that are featured in the ads. He even has a nemesis of his own named Kharfoon, and a loyal sidekick named Ibrahim.

Animated ads

Cartoon Planet has so far written, designed, animated and voiced 12 ads for the chain, each having a topical theme and following a humorous storyline, with more in the pipeline.

Beside the eye-catching art style and sharp character designs, the ads are also full of catchy dialogue and attention-grabbing rhymes, which we have written and recorded in the local Emirati accent.

Eid, Ramadan, the UAE national day, World Cup and UEFA Super Cup are among the occasions for which we created specific promotional material.

Furthermore, Mandi Man and his crew all have their own lore, which is built upon with every new 2D animated ad. The saga continues!

Recently, we introduced Mandi man’s right-hand man Ibrahim, who keeps the operation running and the customers happy.

We also introduced an enemy of his, a talking sheep named Kharfoon, who tries to discourage people from eating meat mandi. 

Popular mandi spot

The restaurant is very well-reviewed on Trip Advisor, Google Maps and Talabat, consistently receiving praise from customers (who are affectionately referred to as Mandinians) of various backgrounds.