Zaka and Sadaqat Fund

The Ministry of Justice, Islamic Affairs and Waqf is the official authorized body for collecting funds under the name of Zaka and Sadaqat Fund in the Kingdom of Bahrain. 

Cartoon Planet is behind all of Zaka and Sadaqat Fund’s media, including motion ads, social media posts and brand identity.

Thanks to Cartoon Planet's unique approach in illustrations and design, Zaka and Sadaqat Fund has been able to stand out from other charities in Bahrain.


Our work

Cartoon Planet manages Zaka and Sadaqat Fund Instagram page, author all of its content and post instagram stories and highlights. Our designs have also been used in exterior banners and digital campaigns and more.

As we have been creating all of Zaka and Sadaqat Fund’s logo, identity and posts since its launch, our ads have helped in receiving a high level of awareness in the community.


The visual identity of Zaka and Sadaqat Fund is developed and created by Cartoon Planet, the brand’s green color scheme resembles wealth and giving. 

Zaka and Sadaqat Fund visual identity is accompanied by a giving hand, symbolizing the hand that is given back to the community. Below is a banner mockup of the banner located near Al Fatih Mosque in the Juffair area.


Motion Graphics

Cartoon Planet has sketched, designed, and animated and added voice effects for Zaka and Sadaqat Fund motion videos, each having a theme and delivering a main idea, with more upcoming motion videos in the pipeline. 

Beside the eye-catching style of the graphics, the simplicity of the information delivered in the videos captivates the attention of the viewer till the very end.

Give funds within seconds, and Zaka and Sadaqat Fund 2023 report are among the motion videos that have been created for specific promotional material.