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My child loves his cartoon classes and really looks forward to them.
In the past year with Cartoon Planet, we have noticed how his imagination expanded and his talents
flourished. I appreciate the teacher’s attention to detail, his ability to pick up on my child's
interests, the motivation methods used, and the high level of teaching skill we experienced.
I have no doubt that many artists will thrive under your expert guidance. Thank you very much

Alia Almoayad

was impressed with the quality of work that we received from Cartoon planet. We had several projects delivered by them including the SDG booklet that was printed on recycled paper as part of our commitment towards going green.

Cartoon planet also worked very closely with us on a major project of was developing ISO standards booklets and a n introductory video related to it. In fact, it was so good that he as appreciated by Shaikh Nasser during the annual day of MYS 2018.

I wish Cartoon planet all the best!!

Hind Idris, Ministry of Youth and Sports Affairs

Workshop’s objectives were successfully met and participants were highly engaged
and motivated all the time by the facilitators in which most of the children worked
on break time.


Mohammed Al-Mahdi was one of twenty students who attended the Graphic
Novel Worskhop that I taught at the Center for Cartoon Studies this past
summer, 2013. Although I have known Mohammed for only for a week, it
was an intense week of working closely and I believe that I have a good
sense of this young man

Paul Karasik, Center for Cartoon Studies

The caricature team were super friendly, creative and well-presented.

Ahmed Al Wosaibei, Saudi Aramco

We really had a good experience with Cartoon Planet. They have excellent trainers with high and professional skills for dealing with kids and youth. We really recommend to work with them.

Fatima Abulfath, Youth City 2030

I’ve known the team at Cartoon Planet for a number of years now and have not only found them to be very creative, but also highly innovative and a pleasure to work with.

Suhail Ghazi AlGosaibi, EO Bahrain

Mohammed Al-Mahdi was one of my classmates. The entire group of students was
quite interesting, but Mohammed stood out for his intensity and dedication to the
medium of graphic novels

Ashley Wolff, American Cartoonist

We absolutely loved Cartoon Planet’s work! They designed an illustration for our wedding and it was clever, creative, and really matched what we had in mind. The artist was attentive and responsive to us throughout the entire process. Highly recommended!

Summer Fakhro & Abdulla Abdulaal

In Cartoon Planet, the place where my son - Ali dream became a reality. He learned drawing techniques, and he got strong support from his great teacher Mr. Mohamed Almahdi, I am very grateful for all his effort with my son.

Hani AlShaikh

Ammar has been enjoying the classes he has been taking at the Cartoon Planet. May it be cartoon making or animation drawing, by hand or using a software, he believes he has learned a lot. His self-confidence and skills have also improved significantly since then. Because of this, at the age of 11, he already started planning for his college degree. Thank you Mohammed for the personal and genuine interest you have shown.

Dr. Esraa AlMulla

Dear Cartoon Planet, thank you for the wonderful experiences you provided our son Hussain, he loves it, and as you see, he keeps enrolling in your art and animation coursemore. Moreover, you have been very informative and supportive all way through the past two years that Hussain has been working with you.
Keep up the great work you do.

Dr. Sawsan Karimi

Cartoon Planet gave my three children the confidence that each is an artist. They mastered drawing facial expressions and they loved creating new characters using their imagination and what they learned through the course. Thank you very much.

Ebtihal Al Hashimi

They really bring out the creativity, and offer a solid grounding in the use of both traditional and digital media

Salim Fredericks

The esteemed institute is not only a teaching place but it's something where children develop their confidence and discover their true potential
I would highly recommend anyone whose child want to study arts, animation or any field related to that, to look no further than a true Bahraini gem Mr. Mohamed of Cartoon Planet.

Akbar Ayub Khan

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