2D Animation – the most effective format to reach viewers

One of Cartoon Planet's most sought-after services is 2D animation, be it for advertisements, explainers, educational purposes, entertainment, or a combination thereof. Animation is also one of our core services, produced through an intensive creative process.

The attractive colors, unique characters, sound effects, and music in our videos come together to create a memorable and engaging experience for the viewer.

Process: Our team begins the process by communicating with the client and understanding exactly what kind of ad they are looking for.
Based on that, we brainstorm a concept and convert it into a storyboard and subsequently into a script.

For the visually artistic phase, we design characters to appear in the ad, create backgrounds and put them into motion to create an animation. Finally, we record voice-overs.

Services Include

2D Animated Advertisements

Single and Multi-Episode 2D Animated Videos

Animated Educational Videos

2D Animated Explainer Videos

In our portfolio

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JBR Cafe
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2D Animation is one of Cartoon Planet’s core services.


The team communicates with the client to understand their wants and needs.


The team begins to storyboard, and focuses on character & background designs.


After this process, comes voice over recording.


Lastly, the animation is adjusted and finalized for the final video.